The Invisible Box Right in Front of Me

I once returned from a party carrying a large box.  It was late at night, so I set the box by the back door to deal with in the morning.  The next day, I didn't feel like moving the box.  I left it by the door.  Fast forward four weeks, and the box was still at my back door.  Before you start calling me lazy and other names, I should mention that I stopped seeing it.  For two days I told my brain to ignore the box, and then after that, my brain obliged by no longer reporting its existence.  I moved along merrily without seeing or caring about it.  That changed when I started preparing for out-of-town company.  When I surveyed the house to determine what needed to be tidied,  I instantly saw the box.  I put on the perspective of "home inspector" and easily saw the out-of-place item.

Pause for a moment to take this in.  Different perspectives allow you to see different things.  It sounds so simple, but the implications of this are enormous.  What exists in your own life that you can't currently see?