Give Team Members Space to Grow

Dear Yesterday’s Self,
There’s a line between helping and smothering, and you’ve crossed it.  Recently you attended a training hosted by a team member on a familiar topic.  On previous occasions you’ve led the training, but this time you were there to support the presenter and hear audience questions.  During the presentation, you were surprised by a procedure being shown and interrupted to correct the presenter.  Instead of being helpful, this led to you stealing attention and fielding subsequent questions that the presenter was fully capable of handling.  Not surprisingly, the presenter was a bit flustered by the interruption.  To make things worse, you later learned that the different procedure was intentional and not a mistake after all.  You failed to give team members space to grow by not allowing the presenter to try her own way.

Note to self: Be humble, recognize that your way is not the only way, and give your team members their own creative space.