Some Days I Wish I Were a Robot

I often wonder what percentage of my energy each day gets spent on communication, both sending and receiving.  On days where I feel exhausted from communication, I wish I were a robot.  I picture a robot rolling around, performing my daily responsibilities, and approaching every moment of communication without the fear, second guessing, or energy loss that I experience.

Need to deliver bad news?  The robot would send a short, accurate message without worrying about how the recipient will take it and whether the message has been delivered with enough care.

Need to write an email about a debated subject?  The robot would state the pros and cons of each option without worrying about how the list will come across and what will be the outcome.

Just received bad news?  The robot would process the impact of the news without worrying about what it should have done differently or how to deal with the aftermath.

If being a robot didn’t also mean losing the best parts of being human, I think I would go for it!