Type Talk at Work by Otto Kroeger

Book Review: Type Talk at Work

There’s something both eerie and comforting about seeing in print a situation you’ve lived out.  Type Talk at Work by Otto Kroeger did that for me repeatedly.  Its insights are spot on.  Using the lens of the MBTI® Preference Types, it explains the core differences between personalities and where friction is likely to arise in the workplace.  I both laughed and groaned aloud at its accuracy as I replayed my own interactions in my head.

I recommend the book if you’re new to understanding the 16 MBTI® Preference Types or if you want to better understand workplace dynamics in general.  It’s important to consult the book in a neutral state of mind.  The goal should not be to point out the weaknesses of others or to justify how you were “right” in a particular situation.  Instead the goal should be to increase awareness of your style, the styles of your coworkers, and how they interact.   

Discussion Questions

Reflect on these points yourself, grab a buddy, discuss your answers with a trusted advisor, or tackle these as a book club.

  1. Which of the 16 preference types resonates most with you?
  2. Name a responsibility in your current job that is made more difficult by your preference type.  How can the responsibility be adjusted to align better with your preference type?
  3. Describe a part of the book that gave you an “Aha!” moment.
  4. Did that insight make you feel validated or humbled?
  5. What workplace scenario described in the book struck a chord with you?
  6. Thinking about that scenario, did you gain insight into your own actions or someone else’s?
  7. What’s something you would do differently in that same scenario if you could redo it?
  8. Even though the focus of the book is workplace scenarios, did any insights carry over to other parts of your life?